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Got the custom Dual drivers today in the mail; that was quick! I've used many earphones over the years. Most of them from high-end manufacturers like Shure and Sennheisers. I don't know who manufacture the drivers you use but they sound great!
These are AWESOME!

Robert Brassard, Las Vegas Sept.2012

Got the custom molds for my Klipsch & have been using them nonstop. I'm very satisfied. They are by far the best noise canceling ear plugs I have ever used & the quality of the sound through the buds is amazing.

Patrick Shirey, Gautier,MS May.2012

Received the modified Q2 units ****GREAT JOB.

Stephen Braam, Lees Summit, MO May.2012

The Filtered S plugs work great. Blocks major noise but can still hear the road sounds and my music in my helmet speakers without turning them up to maximum level.

Mike Bevens, Kent, WA Oct.2011

The custom molds for the Westone UM2 worked very well. Eliminated all wind noise and I can still hear a nice rumble from my Harley Davidson pipes. Very loud pipes, so I did not expect it to completely block that. I was listening to Pink Floyd and heard things in the music I never heard before- and I've been listening to that recording for many, many years. Outstanding product and service.
Dennis Fisher, Springboro, OH Sept.2011

Just received my new DUAL upgrade custom earphones today. They are fabulous! Even better than the ones I had (single driver from you) before (which I lost). Thanks - Absolutely fabulous!
Bob Metzger, Los Angeles, CA June.2011

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the earplugs you made at the Long Beach Show. I can't believe how much they cut down on wind noise when I ride. I have also used them in my shop while running band saws and routers and feel they work much better than the ear muff style. Thanks again to you for such a great product and service!Allen Lane Dec.2010
Just wanted to thank you for the custom earphones. They are by far the best set of headphones that I have ever owned and I have tried many different models. You were right, I don't need the amplifier at all and I cannot even come close to raising the volume to the max. At 80 mph the sound was crystal clear. They blocked out the wind completely.Luis Iglesias, Pembroke Pines, Fl Dec.2010
I bought a pair of custom earplugs at the Long Beach Show. Love 'em. They are awesome for noise reduction with my motorcycle and should be useful with construction as well. I fell asleep on two occasions as soon as I put them in- hard asleep?!? Once riding in a car and once at night.Glenn Brooks, Huntington Beach, CA Dec.2010

You made me some custom ear phones at the 2008 Honda Hoot, they are purple and you had a concern about my skinny ear canal width. They continue to bring me great joy and have truly made my motorcycling experience a true ZEN experience. Paul Thulin, Cedar Rapids, IA Sept.2010

Couldn't be more THRILLED with my speaker plugs! Took them to the gym & gave them a good test- fit was absolutely fantastic (even though I have bad TMJ), the quality of the music is so much more improved because of the custom fit and I couldn't make those things fall out no matter how hard my workouts were! Your product is so much more superior than that of the competitor; there is NO comparison. Diana Fierke, San Francisco, CA May.2010

Got a chance to try out the custom earphones this weekend. One word - Schweeet!. They're even quieter than my 32db foam plugs. Sherrod Swann, Columbia, MD March.2010

I've always had problems with regular "ear buds" slipping out while using them. I got a pair of molded ear pluds/speakers at the International Motorcycle show in February 2009. Since then I wore them motorcycling, mowing my lawn, using a weed wacker, operating a chainsaw even while using sanders and grinders while preping my house for paint. Excellent product!!!!!! Will be seeing you for a set of plain earplugs for the gun range. Thank you so much for a fine product and prompt customer service. Harley McComb, Batavia,IL Jan.2010

I love my new earplug speakers. This is exactly what I have been searching for. The sound is great, and my motorcycle riding is much more enjoyable. My wife loves hers also. We will make sure to spread the word. Bruce & Chris Spencer, Coral Springs, FL Aug.2009

Bought a pair of your custom ear plugs with stereo speakers at the Long Beach motorcycle show last December. They're awesome and I use them all the time. I'd also be interested in getting a pair without the speakers. Jim Cisneros, West Covina, CA May.2009

I see one of your testimonials is 3 years 36,000 miles. Since 2002 it's been 6 years and 120,000 and I still love them. Thanks. John Marcassa ,Ontario, Canada April.2009

I have completely wore my custom earplug speakers out. What would you expect after over 100,000 miles. I loved them and they have saved my hearing tremendously. My first set I bought from you at the ST. Louis cycle show years ago. I got a second set at the Honda Hoot in 2002. You repaired the stereo cord once for me at no cost. Thank you. I'm now in need of a new set of custom ear plugs with stereo cord. Please help. I'm in need of a new set so I can put another 100,000 miles on them. Thanks.

I can't wait for new plugs to arrive. I have been using regular soft foam plugs. YEK !!!!!!!!! You don't realize how good your ear plugs are and how well they work until you go without them for a while. Steve Warren, Vail, Colorado

The soft material you use is very comfortable fit and makes for more sound deadening. I have owned more expensive sets of ear phones from other companies, but none do the job as well as yours.
Thanks for fitting such a fine product.
Paul Bachorz, Ballston Spa, NY

Marilyn, received the custom speakers , and they are great!! Thanks so much for your patience in getting me through the order. I won't hesitate to recommend you to my friends, and will probably order a set for my wife in the future.
Thanks again, John Dunk

Now Hear This" Ear Monitors
These custom molded ear plugs are made with small speakers in each and are muy bien. Much better sound than any moto headset I've ever tried because there is absolutely no distance or wind noise for the speakers to overcome. Very sweet. I'd been playing with little ear bud speakers for the MP3 player, but even with the speakers hanging in the outer ear things were not good. I could turn up music so loudly that I couldn't hear people speak but underway I could barely make out even the highlights of the music over the wind noise. Of course the foam ear plugs I normally use were mutually exclusive with ear bud speaker. Turning up the music that loud couldn't have been good for my hearing in spite of not hearing much over the wind. Inserting the custom ear plugs had me turning down the MP3 player even though it had been set for a normal headset in a non-riding environment. I could hear the hum of the player when it powered up... impressive response. Most external noises are reduced equally with the worst of the wind noise being the most attenuated. The volume of the music can be turned way down compared to foam ear plugs and a helmet headset on the Wing, yet it's easier to hear the music because of the closer proximity of the speaker to the ear.

When riding, the advantages of ZERO distance, perfect alignment with the ear, and totally avoiding having to fight to be heard over wind noise are all good things. IMO a very good investment! Since they are custom molded you can pick from several colors for the plugs and may be able to request a different audio jack for different needs.

They also make and adapter that's a box with some lines in and out.
Mark Johnson, N. Richland Hills, TX

I just wanted to let you know again, if I haven't told you before, that the earphones made a big difference and is working out great. I am glad that I had said something to you about them. Thank you for giving me a better earphones for someone who is over 75% of hearing loss. Thank you very much. Please let me know when you will be around again in the summer. Thanks a bunch! Jim Kramar

I have been using your custom stereo earplugs for quite a while, and they are wonderful. I have solid plugs from another vendor, but are not up to your standards.
James Taylor, Minneapolis, MN

I was at a motorcycle rally in 2004. I thought these stereo ear plugs might work nicely while riding on my Honda GL 1800 (Gold Wing). I had always worn those squishable ear plugs under my helmet and was doing this to cut down on the wind buffeting going on inside my helmet, which leads to hearing loss. I made my purchase 3 years ago, I LOVE THEM! Not only do I wear them under my helmet, but when I listen to my ipod where ever I go. The quality of sound is great! I can hear most of what is going on around me. Before I had purchased Marilyn's ear plugs I had to turn my volume up to 30 at highway speeds, now I have my volume set from 3-9 with my custom plugs.

Now, about her customer service. One year after my purchase my custom plugs began to cut out. It was the lead that connected my plugs to the motorcycle. I called Now Hear This and spoke with Marilyn, she took care of my problem promptly without charge. Very happy that I was back on the road listening to my AM FM, CD player,
CB radio and my ipod again.

It's 2007 I just sent my custom plugs back for her to fix, the wire came out of the plug itself .The right plug was torn. She again promptly fixed them and sent them back to me.

3 Years and 36,000 miles later, One Very Satisfied Customer!
Tami P, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

I absolutely love the earplug speakers- I have a separate pair from you as well w/o speakers.
Jesse Leatherman, Woodinville, WA

Ordered earplugs before from you and I am very happy with the results. Want to get a pair for my wife, are you going to be at the long beach show this dec? Please advise,
Richard Ikkanda, LA, CA

You may recall us meting at the BMWMOA rally at Spokane where you supplied me with a set of your great molded ear plugs with speakers, and we discussed your trip to New Zealand. I've been enjoying using the plugs and have coverer many miles with them, plus I use them when I run in the mornings. I'm hooked on them now.
Best Regards,John Fitzwater
www.GoTourNZ.com (Adventure New Zealand Motorcycle Tours & Rentals Ltd.)

I met you in Lima, at the BMW rally. Thank you for a product that has lived up to what you said that it would be. I gave your product the acid test while landscaping. I used a weed eater, lawnmower, and 4-wheeler and never turned the volume over 5 on my little Sony CD player.
Thanks, JFD

Subject: RE: [LDRider] Ear Plugs
I have probably $2,000 worth of ear plugs and the best bang for the buck was from "Now Hear This" in FL..I got those fitted at the NY motorcycle show and although then aren't my best sounding pair that sound worlds better then the Koss speakers with foam ear plugs cut to fit on them. I think they are the more comfortable ear plug speakers I've ever used so they get the most use out of all of my sets.
Catfish, www.FarkleMasters.com Shirley, NY

Got a chance to use the new stereo ear plus you made for me. These things are EXCELLENT!!!!!!. Just what I have been looking for and very comfortable. You can set these at a comfortable listening level while at a stop and not have to change the volume at 80 mph. I'll be bragging about these ear plugs to my friends. Just had to let you know.
Thanks again,
Kip Jones, Wichita, KS

I anxiously await it's return, since I can't live without these!! Thanks!
Paul Hussel, Flower Mound, TX

My wife and I use your non-speaker plugs all the time and find them to be excellent. We also find the speaker plugs to be excellent, allowing us to hear the Autocom more clearly than ever.
Mark Byers, Leonardtown, MD

I gave the earplug speakers a good test on a 75 mile ride yesterday, and I couldn't be happier. I never knew music could sound so good at 75 to 80 mph. The carrying case is a nice touch too. Thanks.
Mark Hosier, Sandy, UT

I just got back from my first trip (about 4400 miles) with the new plugs with built-in speakers that you made me and I'm delighted. Never pain in the ears, no rubbing in my Schuberth helmet and excellent noise reduction and sound with my Autocom. You are very attentive to details and I recommend your products.
Edgar Tanner, Houston,TX

Marilyn, we absolutely love the earplugs. We use a splitter on my I-Pod mini, and run both pairs with no problems what so ever. The plugs are extremely sturdy and look like they should last for many years. It adds a whole new dimension to motorcycling. Overall an excellent product that I have already recommended to my friends!
Bill Gross, St. Charles, MO

I bought a set of custom molded in-ear monitors from you at the BMWRA rally in Red River, NM and absolutely love them. I can't imagine riding any distance at all without a working pair of monitors and my XM radio.
John Flora, Thorntown, IN

You made a pair of earplug speakers for me and a friend of mine at the Americade and I want to tell you we both are very happy with them. They do help us hearing when we want to hear the radio or the CB.
Thanks again, William Clark & William Lacey

I purchased a pair of stereo ear plugs from you at the Long Beach Motorcycle show a few of years ago. These have performed absolutely wonderfully.
Nedra Jerry

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