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the S plug Ear Canal Phones

I have to say I'm really pleased with the S plug dual drivers. I've used Etyomotic ER6's then ER6i's, which are now discontinued. I tried the HF5's but they contact the helmet and cause pain in the ear. I've tried a custom set from another company and couldn't get a good fit. Your plugs, however, work great. They seal out ambient noise and are comfie over many hours in the saddle.
Don Carver, CA Nov.2013

I just got a pair of your S-plug earbuds. They are (as you know) perfect for motorcycling... just perfect. I wish I had known about them before dropping obscene amounts of money on other custom buds that are not nearly as comfortable.
Gabe Schine, CA Oct.2013

Thank you so much for fixing my S plug ear buds! I bought several different ones trying to find some that were comfortable and worked well while riding a motorcycle. I`ve had these for about 6 or 7 years and urge everyone who is looking for the best ear buds to look into yours.
Mike Ridling, TX Aug.2013

I just received my new dual-driver S-Plugs. OMG - they are awesome! I am amazed how more sound-isolating they are than my previous single driver S-Plugs.
Thanks so much for making these! They completely transform the experience of riding every day for me.
Jim James, FL Dec 2012

Thanks Marilyn..and thank you for making such a great product. I haven't even listened to music since I sent my S Plugs back because I can't stand the quality of any other ear-bud out there.
John Carrano, NJ Dec.2012

The S Plug dual drivers are awesome!! I'm so impressed with the sound and everything about this brilliant design.
Karen Eikenberry, WA May 2012

I bought a set of your S plugs about a year ago. I have NOTHING but RAVES for these! They are AWESOME!

Mike McKee, California City, CA Sept.2010

I have used the S plug for many many miles (motorcycle rider); previously I have used several custom molded plugs and your product is superior for comfort, noise attenuation, and sound quality.

Linda Newman, Gainesville, FL July.2010

I've owned a pair of the S plug Single Driver for about two years now, and I still love them to this day. I liked them so much that I bought a dual driver S Plug a couple of months ago. The S Plug has become a part of my daily life.

Noel Honeybourne, Houston, TX June.2010

Took long ride and they are great. Wish I bought them 18 months ago. They improve the riding experience 99%. Because of my firefighting past, I'm hard of hearing in situations with lots of background noise. I would need my volume set at 18, and now 4 is just fine- and that is riding at 75 mph.

Also GREAT service from PlugUp.

Roger Klink, North Bend, Ohio April.2010

One of the TOP things I've ever bought to enhance my motorcycling experience.

30+ years riding and I would have never thought I'd enjoy riding with music. Was of the opinion that disconnecting from everything was the way to go but now can't go back to not having music and when I do want silence, I just hit mute.

Juan Gonzalez, Edinburg, TX Jan.2010

I 've been using my S plugs since June/2009 on long and short commuting trips. Wind noise is almost non-existant. They sound so good and isolated that I can listen to any kind of music/voice, no matter how soft, while I ride. I'm a member of the Iron Butt Association, and have done several rides this summer putting 18-19 hours on the road some days. I also did a 54-hour endurance rally. At no time did the S plugs ever irritate my ears or even feel uncomfortable.

Thanks for a terrific product!

Darrin Hicks, Toronto, Canada Sept.2009

100% comfortable. Better sound quality than the Etymotic ear buds I was using before, and no pain after 2 hours of riding time the day I got them...and with no wind noise at 65mph +. These stay in place with no periodic readjustment like the others I have used. I will be recommending them to others that like to jam out to good MC tunes while riding.

Gary Vanvekoven, West Burlington, IA July.2009

Awesome! I rode my bike across the country on the TransAmerica trail and can't imagine riding without them. They canceled out most all of the wind and engine noise, plus I could listen to my XM radio. I've recommended them to several people!

Jeff Stoess, TireBalls, Crestwood, KY Dec.2007

The S plugs worked amazingly well on my 3500 mile trip this June. Even the roar of my Rocket 3 with Jardines, the wind noise, or the two other bikes ( one with drag pipes) that I was riding with couldn't interfere with me enjoying my music on the trip.... thank you.

Barzeen Vaziri, North Aurora, IL June.2006

I have just returned from a 4000 mile trip on my FJR, and all I can say is FANTASTIC!!! They are the best fitting and sounding ear phones I have ever had!! Before we left I suggested that my riding buddy try mine on his I-Pod and he bought a pair before we left on the trip. He feels the same as I do about your ear phones. The S plugs are great. Thanks for making such a superb product.

Rick Halbrook

They worked the best of all the sets I've tried, including $300 custom molded ones.

Michael Freitas, Riverside, CA

Thanks for the great product.

I have profound hearing loss in the upper ranges due to life on the farm. Therefore I miss so much of the high end notes that music often just sounds like noise because I cannot hear all of the chords. These speakers give me all the notes to the point that I am not sure if I ride the motorcycle for the ride or for the music. You have a great product and I just cannot imagine riding without those speakers.

Neal Eash, Knoxville, TN

The best fitting, best sounding and easiest to use earplug speaker. Yes, expensive, but well worth the money compared to the the alternatives.

Donald Blaess, Cresco, IA May.2009

I met you at Seattle International Motorcycle Show last December. Several of us bought the S plugs ear plugs. My set is truly user tested as it is taken in and out of my ears a minimum of 10 times a week! Never abused, but always used! They are amazingly comfortable and the sound is great. No ambient noise either. The price is high for some customers, but for those who splurge they are delighted.

Vena,Triumph of Tacoma, Washington

ABSOLUTELY LOVE the dual driver Splugs I got from you. BY FAR the best earphones I have ever owned and after wasting several hundred dollars on inferior products I am glad I found you. I wll be telling all my Harley buddies...

GREAT PRODUCT. Pat Dorigatti, Wyoming April.2009

I’ve used many ear speakers presently available. After testing a number of ear speakers, I found “the S Plug” to meet or exceed all the criteria. The sound/stereo separation was superior to other units tested. The speech audio was clear & had a deep resonating quality that was easy to understand in the harsh motorcycling environment. They were by far the most comfortable unit tested! I used them on a number of rides that lasted for 8-10 hrs. They were very comfortable. Never caused any pain or discomfort after days of long usage. Soft rubber type ridges sealed the ear canal to provide excellent noise attenuation. Inserting is easy & straight forward – once inserted properly, they stayed in place. Removing them was easy & quick.

Well designed & held up under the conditions that motorcyclist face on a daily basis. The wire leads are strong, & the connecting jack is of commercial grade.

In my opinion, “the S Plug” is the best overall stereo ear plug on the market. Comfort & audio quality is superior. This product is highly recommended.
Willis C Haycock
Senior Vice President for Operations and R&D Testing

I was able to do from Seattle to San Diego in a single 24 hours period with no discomfort and great audio sound. In fact, when I have them in, I "forget" they are in, they feel so natural.
Dan Mulkiewicz, San Diego

It performs as good as advertised. The S plug fits very well and is comfortable under a full face helmet. Sound reproduction is excellent. I’m very happy with the S plug.
Lyle Platt, West Palm Beach, Fl.

I need another pair of your custom speakers (the Rolls Royce of ear plugs) and your fantastic, slim and very squeezable S plugs.
Robert Saunders, Cape Town, South Africa

I rode half the time with the S plug in about 1500 miles. I wore them under a Caberg Justissimo flip-front helmet and they were in my ears 2-3 hours at a time for the entire riding days.

SEALING: I yawned, moved my jaw all around, even chewed gum and couldn't get either earplug to unseal. This surprised me as my right custom molded plug will unseal if I open my mouth wide and then reseal as soon as I close it a bit.

COMFORT: the S plugs didn't cause discomfort. If anything, they're less noticeable than the custom molded plugs because, due to them being located a bit further in my ears, there isn't any pressure on them when I close the helmet, which puts a bit more pressure on my ears. This isn't a problem with the molded plugs, I just feel them a bit when closing the helmet.

WIND REDUCTION: I was pleasantly surprised with the level of noise reduction. I hear more noise around my ears with this helmet than the 3/4 helmet that I used previously. The wind reduction with the S plug is substantial. I'd rate the reduction of the S plugs very close or equal to the custom molded plugs.

To sum up, I couldn't be happier with my custom molded earplug speakers, and the S plugs are closer to them in fit and performance that I would have previously thought. Both are excellent products. Bob

The S plugs are fantastic. Great sound. Excellent noise reduction.

Once I got my Edsets (EdSets.com) properly installed, I love them. However, my wife gets a lot more wind noise than I do. At the Ft. Worth MC show my wife tried several speakers plugs,but decided on the S plugs, and now I can't get them off her. They work VERY well, are VERY comfortable, quiet and she just loves them.

Marilyn is very good at what she does and her prices are reasonable. What more could you ask for? Posted at: http://www.gl1800riders.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=681930#681930

I love the S plugs, easily the most comfortable earplug speakers I have worn. I wore them for 11 straight days with no pain or discomfort.Thanks again, I really do love the product.

Ryan Reed, Alaska to Patagonia Ride

Great product! I wore them for 14 hrs straight and they are very comfortable. I don’t have a windshield on my bike and they really reduce the wind noise.
Ken Krome, Manhattan, KS

They work great! I am hard of hearing and they gave me clear audio while riding my Harley. I really enjoyed the clear sound. The plugs are the best that I have ever had.
Ron Garvin, Bradford, Vermont

At long last I've got terrific ear speakers that fit comfortably inside my helmet. I can now take my helmet off without knocking my ear speakers out; moreover, on those occasions when I use helmet speakers, I can just leave them in place when I switch to ear speakers. I won't bore you with the long time and money I've spent and the number of alternatives I've tried, most recently Etymotics ER6 with and without custom molds, but at last the S plug ear speakers are the solution. Hurrah! Many thanks. And the sound is really good. The other thing is that the ear pieces seem softer than others of the same design that I've used, so they're very comfortable and go in and out with much less effort.
Bob Oster, Menlo Park, CA

They are a wonderful product and have performed flawlessly.
Jim Bowers, Long Beach,CA

I have really enjoyed the S plugs. The sound is great and the reduced wind noise and buffeting noise is fantastic.
David Gould

My test have shown the S plug to be a superior product, having now tried and returned both the ER6 Isolator Phones and Shure 3c. www.EZrider.info

These are the greatest. I love them! I even use them when I cut the grass to reduce the noise of the lawnmower. I’ve tried many other kinds, but these are the best.
Claude Shappelle

Comfort was great, and they were quite effective as regular sound attenuating earplugs. If I turned off all audio feeds to them, they were as silent as any other earplugs I have tried. And, as I said before, the audio quality was very good.
Caryl Reaver, Baehr Product Manager, Baehr USA

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